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What Are the Characteristics of the AB Servo Drive?

What Are the Characteristics of the AB Servo Drive?

The software program of the ab servo drive mainly includes the main program, the interrupt service routines, and the data switching program.

The main program is mainly used to complete the initialization of the system, the LO interface control signal, and the setting of each control module register in the DSP.

After all the initialization of the CNC servo drive is completed, the main program reaches the await state, and waits for the interruption, so as to accordingly adjust the current loop and the speed loop.

The initialization of the AB servo drive mainly includes the initialization of the DSP cores, the cycle setting of the current loop and the speed loop, the PWM initialization, the four-M startup, the ADC initialization and startup, the QEP initialization, the initialization of the vector and the initial position of the permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor, the multiple phase current sampling of the servo motor, obtaining zero offsets of phase current, the initialization of current and speed P adjustment, etc.

Some of the PWM timing interrupt service routines of the servo drive are used to sample and calibrate the two-phase currents ia and ib of A and B of the Hall current sensor, and calculate the orientation angle of the rotor magnetic field according to the principle of magnetic field oriented control, and then re-angle and regenerate the PWM signals to control the position loop and the speed loop.

The interrupt service routines of the servo drive, protect the powder drive, which is mainly used to detect faulty output of intelligent power module.

The photoelectric encoder zero pulse capture interrupt service routines of the servo drive can realize the accurate capture of the encoder feedback of zero pulse, so that the correction value of the vector transformation orientation angle of the AC permanent magnet synchronous motor can be obtained.

The data switching program mainly includes the communication program with the host computer, reading the EEPROM parameters, the Nixie tube display program, etc.

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