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How to Judge the Problem of AC Servo Motor?

How to Judge the Problem of AC Servo Motor?

Any machine will certainly have problems if it is used for a long time. When there is something wrong with the AC servo motor, how can we judge the problems? Here is to share it with you.

Ⅰ. The maintenance of AC servo motor not turning

CNC system and AC servo drive not only connect pulse + direction signal, but also control signal function, and it is generally DC+24V relay coil voltage.

If servo motor does not work, the common diagnosis methods are: check whether the numerical control system has pulse signal output; Through the LCD screen to observe whether the system input/output status meets the starting conditions of the feed shaft; Confirm that the brake has been opened for the servo motor with electromagnetic brake; Check whether the AC servo drive is faulty; Check whether the servo motor is faulty; Check whether the servo motor and ball screw connecting shaft joint are invalid or disengaged.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of alternating current servo motor movement

In the feed of channeling, speed signal is not stable, such as cracks in the encoder; Poor wiring terminal contact, such as screw loose; When the movement occurs at the reversing moment from the positive direction to the opposite direction, it is generally caused by the reverse clearance of the feed drive chain or the servo drive gain is too large.

Ⅲ. Maintenance of AC servo motor crawling

Most of them occur in the starting acceleration section or low-speed feed, generally due to poor lubrication of feed drive chain, low gain of AC servo motor system, and excessive applied load, and other factors. In particular, it should be noted that the coupling used for connecting the servo motor and the ball screw is not synchronized with the rotation of the ball screw and the servo motor due to the loosening of the connection or the defects of the coupling itself, such as cracks so that the feed movement is fast and slow.

Ⅳ. Maintenance of AC servo motor vibration

When the machine tool is running at high speed, it may vibrate, which will generate an overcurrent alarm. The vibration problem of the machine tool generally belongs to the velocity problem, so we should look for the velocity loop problem.

Ⅴ. Maintenance of AC servo motor torque reduction

When the AC servo motor runs from rated and blocked torque to high speed, it is found that the torque will suddenly decrease, which is caused by the heat dissipation damage of the motor windings and the heating of the mechanical part. At high speed, the temperature of the motor increases, so before using the AC servo motor, it is necessary to check the load of the motor.

Ⅵ. What is the work to be done before starting the AC servo motor?

1. Measure the insulation resistance (for low voltage motor should not be less than 0.5m).

2. Measure the power supply voltage, and check whether the motor wiring is correct, whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements.

3. Check whether the starting equipment is in good condition.

4. Check whether the fuse is suitable.

5. Check whether the grounding and zero connection of the motor are good.

6. Check whether the transmission device has defects.

7. Check whether the motor environment is suitable and remove inflammable and other sundries.

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