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AB Module 1771-0BDS

AB Module 1771-0BDS

Technical Specifications for AB Module 1771-0BDS





Part Number/Catalog No.


Module Type

Digital DC Output Module

Number of Outputs

16 Outputs

Voltage Category

10-60 Volts DC, Source

DC Operating Voltage

10-40 Volts

Backplane Current

300 Miliamperes

Max Continuous Current Per Output

1 Ampere

Max Continuous Current Per Module

8 Amperes

Wiring Arm



Conformal Coat

Data Format

BDC or Natural Binary

Typical AC Signal Delay (Off)

45 (+/- 15) ms

Typical DC Signal Delay (Off)

50 ms

Wiring Arm



Rack Mountable

About 1771-OBDS

The Allen Bradley 1771-OBDS is a DC Current Limiting Output module, which comes with 16 outputs. Its maximum on state voltage drop is 1.5 Volts, and its maximum off state leakage current is 0.5 mA per output.

The 1771-OBDS has a power dissipation of maximum 14 Watts and minimum 2 Watts; its thermal dissipation is 47.8 BTU/hour at its maximum and 6.9 BTU/hour at minimum.

With an operating temperature of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and a nonoperating temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius (-40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit), this unit is capable of withstanding many different conditions. Additionally, the relative humidity of this unit can normally stay between 5% and 95% without condensation.

The Isolation voltage of this module has been tested to withstand 500 Volts for 60 seconds, while its ESD immunity is 4 kV contact discharges and 8 kV air discharges.

The 1771-OBDS is supplied as open type equipment, intended for use in industrial environments that do not exceed Pollution 2 (as defined in EN / IEC0664-1) when applied in a Zone 2 environment; additionally, the enclosure should be accessible only by means of the appliance. After checking the fuse, check the field wiring arm to be sure it is firmly in place. Do this before checking the status of the other indicators.

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