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PLC Module

PLC Module

In programming, the programmable control module is that completes a function to require the program or subroutine, or an independent program unit that can be handled by the compiler and assembler and so on, or is a part of the large software system.

The plc communication module is also known as one of the components for industrial automation that can be named separately and perform certain functions independently. There are two basic features: external features and internal features. External characteristics refer to the interface between the module and the external environment (it is the way that other modules or programs routine call this module, including input and output the parameters, referenced global variables) and the function of the module.

Internal characteristics refer to the characteristics of the internal environment of the module (the module's local data and program code). Modules have various types, such as the unit operation module, the calculation method module the physical and chemical properties module cheap programmable logic controller module and so on, and the plc module price is also various and competitive.

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Types of PLC Module

Applications of PLC Communication Module

The main function of the programmable logic controller module is to realize the remote wireless control, remote alarm and maintenance of PLC configuration software. Here is a list of the wide applications of the PLC communication module.

  • PLC modules are used for PLC remote wireless monitoring, maintenance, alarm, control, collection, etc.  

  • The room temperature and humidity, smoke, water leakage, broken glass, access control and other detection alarm.  

  • The programmable control module can help open or close industrial equipment, such as a motor, water pump, solenoid valve, etc.  

  • The programmable logic controller module is capable to achieve remote monitoring dry contact signal status.  

  • Remote data communication with field sensing equipment of industrial equipment.  

  • Remote monitoring of water levels in water towers and high pools, and warning of water levels in reservoirs, water towers and pools.

FAQs about PLC Communication Module

What is a PLC module?

A PLC module is an industrial computer control system that continuously monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions on a custom program to control the state of output devices.

What are the types of programmable logic controller modules?

PLC module types include digital input module, digital output module, digital input and output mixed module, analogue input module, analogue output module, analogue input and output mixed module, serial port communication module, etc.

Do you have different brands of PLC modules?

Yes, of course. In order to cater to our customers' demanding requirements, we provide you with several brands by various manufacturers such as ABB PLC modules, Mitsubishi PLC modules, Siemens PLC modules and so on. If you want to know the information on the PLC module price, please contact Viyork first.

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