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Industrial Automation Products For Honeywell

Industrial Automation Products For Honeywell

Honeywell International is a diversified high-tech and manufacturing company with a turnover of over $30 billion worldwide. 

Honeywell is involved in aviation products and services, buildings, home and industrial control technologies, industrial electrical automation products, turbochargers and specialty materials. And honeywell is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey. Honeywell is an international company with more than 100 years' history and was founded in 1885.

Honeywell is an international company engaged in developing and manufacturing automatic control products, for example, industrial temperature controller. The aim is to increase comfort, increase productivity, save energy, protect the environment, protect users' lives and property and achieve mutually beneficial growth and provide services for customers who in the global building, industrial, aerospace and aviation markets. We believe that the products and technology of honeywell industrial automation can benefit the mankind.

Honeywell has 116,000 employees in more than 100 countries through meeting our customers' requests and striving to be the world leader in self-control to achieve mutually beneficial growth, just like ABB industrial automation.

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