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Relevant Safety Measures and Precautions for Servo Motors

Relevant Safety Measures and Precautions for Servo Motors

In order to protect operators and machinery, and ensure the correct use of AC servo motors, please read this article carefully and learn about relevant safety precautions before installation.

Ⅰ. Precautions for transportation, installation and storage of AC servo motors

1. Do not drag the motor by the wires or only grip the rotor when removing or placing the servo motor.

2. Do not directly hit the rotor, such as knocking or beating, as this may cause damage to the rotor and the encoder attached to the opposite side of the rotor.

3. The load on the rotor, whether axial or radial, must not exceed the range specified in the specifications.

4. The end structure of the AC servo motor shaft is not waterproof or oil-resistant. Therefore, do not use or install servo motors in places where there are water drops, oily liquids, excessive humidity, corrosive and flammable gases.

5. Store the servo motor in a place where there is no humidity, dust, or harmful, corrosive liquids or gases.

6. The material of the servo motor shaft is not rust-proof. Although rust-proof oil has been applied for protection when it leaves the factory, if the storage time exceeds six months, to ensure that the shaft is free from rust, please check the condition of the shaft regularly every three months and add appropriate rust-proof oil in time.

7. Do not store the servo motor in a place where the vibration exceeds the specified range.

8. Please ensure that the storage environment of the AC servo motor meets the environmental specifications stated in the manual.

9. Due to the precision encoder inside the servo motor, please prepare sufficient measures to prevent electromagnetic noise interference, vibration, and abnormal temperature changes.

Ⅱ. Unpacking inspection of AC servo motors

After receiving the AC servo motor, please check the following:

1. Check if there is any abnormality in the appearance of the AC servo motor.

2. Check if the AC servo motor has any damage.

3. Check if the wiring is damaged and whether it can be connected and used.

4. Verify that the model of the AC servo motor is the same as the logged data of the packaging.

Ⅲ. Other precautions for AC servo motors

1. AC servo motors do not have regularly consumable parts.

2. Do not disassemble the servo motor or replace motor parts.

3. Do not disassemble the servo motor, otherwise the product warranty will be voided.

4. Unauthorized disassembly of the servo motor may cause permanent failure and damage to the motor.

5. Do not let any water drops or oil splash or drip onto the product.

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