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Industrial Automation Products For Yaskawa

Industrial Automation Products For Yaskawa

Yaskawa achieves a leading position in the industry and its cutting-edge technologies have permeated every field as the world standard.

Yaskawa is the first manufacturer that product AC servo motor in Japan and Yaskawa servo motor is famous for its stabilization and speediness and cost-effective and it is the most popular servo brand in the world to make industrial control devices, and the most of users choose to use its products in the industry.

Yaskawa has four series servo motor: Σ-Ⅰ,Σ-Ⅱ,Σ-Ⅲ,Σ-Ⅴ.

Yaskawa sells high-voltage cheap and best inverter and provides technical services for metallurgy, electric power, cement, municipal administration, petrochemical and other industries.

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