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Application and selection of servo driver

Application and selection of servo driver

The AB servo drive is a key component of modern motion control, and it's found in everything from industrial robots to CNC machining centers and other automation equipment. CNC servo drives used to control AC permanent magnet synchronous motors, in particular, have become a hotbed of research both at home and abroad.

A vector control-based current, speed, and position 3 closed-loop control technique is extensively used in modern AC AB servo drive designs. For the complete servo control system, especially the speed control performance, the algorithm in the speed closed loop design is reasonable or not.

Ⅰ. The application of an AB servo drive

Injection molding machines, textile machinery, packing machinery, CNC machine tools, and so on all utilise AB servo drivers.

Ⅱ. Choose an AB servo drive

1. Before selecting an AB servo drive, conduct a thorough study of the system's requirements, such as size, power supply, power, control mode, and so on.

2. Ab servo drive supports various motor types, such as DC brush, sine wave, trapezoidal wave, and so on. The continuous output current of the AB servo drive should be more than the rated current of the motor, and the maximum speed should be determined by the motor counter-electromotive force.

3. Components of feedback.  Feedback sensors come in a wide range of types, depending on whether you want to do closed loop or not. Examples include feedback sensors, encoders, speed measuring motors, rotational changes, and so on. If the system has feedback components, we should evaluate whether the AB servo drive supports this feedback, feedback kind, or feedback signal output form when selecting a drive.

4. There are three sorts of control modes on an AB servo drive: torque, speed, and position mode. The work in these modes is also distinct in terms of command form; torque and speed modes can be handled using analog commands, while position mode can be controlled with pulse + direction control. There's also the option of taking the bus.

5. Requirements for precision.  The accuracy of the system is influenced by a number of factors, one of which is the AB servo drive. Ab servo drives are divided into two types: digital AB servo drives and linear servo amplifiers. Linear amplifiers are suitable for low noise, high bandwidth, and no distortion when the current crosses zero.

6. Use environment and power supply.  The power supply consists mostly of DC and AC power supplies, with the AB servo drive's power supply requirements being taken into account occasionally. The impact of temperature, working circumstances, and the necessity for a protective cover are the most important factors to consider.

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