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AB Digital Contact Output Module 1746-OW16

AB Digital Contact Output Module 1746-OW16

Technical Specifications for AB Digital Contact Output Module 1746-OW16



Part Number/Catalog No.



SLC 500

Module Type

Digital Contact Output Module



Operating Voltage

5-265 Volt AC or 5-125 Volts DC

No. of groups


Points per group


Output Types

N.O. Relay Contact


Relay Contact Outputs (8 per Common)

Current/Output (120 VAC)

1.5 amps

Step Response

60 milliseconds in, 2.5 milliseconds out

Current/Output (24VDC)

1.2 amps



Backplane Current

170-180 milliamps



Signal delay, max resistive load

On = 10.0 ms Off = 10.0 ms

Programming software

RSLogix 500

About 1746-OW16

The Allen-Bradley 1746-OW16 is an Allen-Bradley discrete output module used with SLC 500 product family. This module is a relay output module or sometimes referred as dry contact output module.

This module is ideal for use in applications where a mixed of voltage categories are existing. Voltage categories such as DC voltage with range of 5 -125 VDC and 5 - 265 VA. It has Two (2) input groups with One (1) common terminal per group. These groupings allow one group to operate with a DC voltage while the other group with an AC voltage. It may also be used with both DC voltage or both AC voltage inputs. Use of this module eliminates the need of implementing interposing circuitry.

When operated with 120VAC, the break Ampere rating is 15 A while the break rating is 1.5 A. For 240VAC, the make Ampere rating is 7.5 A and break Ampere rating is 0.75 A. Continuous Current for AC operation is 2.5 A. When operated with 125 VDC, make contact rating is 0.22 A and the break contact rating is 1.2 A. At 125 VDC, the continuous Current is 1.0 A and 2.0 A at 24VDC operation. Surge suppression devices is recommended to ne installed externally for each channel. Use of these devices prevents damage to the module thus, extends the module’s lifespan.

SLC product family use RSLogix 500 programming software. With this programming software, modules, such as 1746-OW16 may configured, parameterized and programmed for operation that meets the control requirement.
The Allen-Bradley 1746-OW16 is an in Allen-Bradley’s SLC 500 Discrete output module. It is used in This module has Sixteen (16) relay contact outputs with Two (2) groups having Eight (8) point per common.

Installation of this module requires non-exposure to chemicals as chemicals may degrade the sealing properties of the sealing materials. Inspect the module periodically for chemical damage.

The 1746-OW16 has two operating voltages: 5 - 125V DC and 5 - 265V DC. It has 10 ms signal delay in both the ON and OFF states at the maximum resistive load. The 1746-OW16 has a higher backplane current consumption compared to other relay output modules. It has 0.17A backplane current consumption at 5V DC and 0.18A backplane current consumption at 24V DC. It has a minimum load current 10 mA at 5V DC. The 1746-OW16 has maximum thermal dissipation of 5.7 W. It also has maximum continuous current per module of 16 A. Please note the continuous current per module to ensure that the continuous current per module is limited so that the module power does not exceed 1440VA.

The 1746-OW16 is easy to use. It can be configured using compatible Windows programming software or the hand-held terminal (HHT). Therefore, you can set up the module by using your computer. It also has a removable terminal block which allows you to wire up any cables or jumpers to the module easily. Please secure the external connections to the module by using the sliding latches, screws, threaded connectors, or the other means for connections provided with this product.

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