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AB Redundancy Module 1756-RM

AB Redundancy Module 1756-RM

Technical Specifications for AB Redundancy Module 1756-RM


Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation



Part Number



Redundancy module

Current draw at 1.2 Volts DC

4 milli Amps

Current draw at 5.1 Volts DC

1.2 Amps

Current draw at 24 Volts DC

120 milli Amps


Chassis-based, any slot

Power dissipation

9 Watts

Thermal dissipation

31 BTU per hour

Operating temperature

0 to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)

Storage temperature

-40 to 85 degrees Celsius (-40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit)

IEC temperature code



CSA, CE, Ex, C-Tick, c-UL-us, FM and KC


0.29 kilograms (0.64 pounds)



About 1756-RM

The 1756-RM module is designed and produced by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation as an industrial redundancy module and it is part of the 1756 ControlLogix product series. The 1756-RM redundancy module is used within a redundant controller system that requires two identical 1756 chassis. Each chassis must contain the same number of slots, compatible modules arranged in the same slots, a pair of additional ControlNet nodes placed on the outside of redundant chassis if the ControlNet network is used, and redundancy firmware revisions in each module. Every redundant controller system chassis contains one redundancy module like the 1756-RM module. The 1756-RM module is connected with a cable that has the 1756-RMCx product code. The ControlLogix controllers provide a reliable solution for handling a large amount of I/O points. These controllers are built for monitoring and controlling I/O across the ControlLogix backplane and network links. The controllers operate perfectly with variety of communication interface modules.

The 1756-RM redundancy module has a current draw of 4 milliAmps at 1.2 Volts DC, 1.2 Amps at 5.1 Volts DC, and 120 milliAmps at 24 Volts DC. The unit mounts in a chassis and it can be fitted into any slot. The 1756-RM module has a power dissipation of 9 Watts along with thermal dissipation of 31 BTU per hour. This ControlLogix comes with open enclosure and it carries the T4 temperature code. In regard to physical characteristics of the module, it weighs around 0.29 kilograms or 0.64 pounds and it has small dimensions. The 1756-RM module has an operating temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and it can be stored within a temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius (-40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit). The unit is made in accordance with several industrial standards and it includes certifications from the CE, CSA, Ex, C-Tick, and c-UL-us standards.

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