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The Control Mode of AB Servo Drive

The Control Mode of AB Servo Drive

There are four control modes of ab servo driver, which are feedback compensation type open-loop control, closed-loop control, semi-closed-loop control and feedback compensation type semi-closed-loop control. Below, we will introduce the first three control methods.

1. Feedback compensation type open-loop control of ab servo driver

The accuracy of open-loop system is low, because the step error, start and stop error and mechanical system error of CNC servo drive will directly affect the positioning accuracy.

The system has the advantages of both open-loop and closed-loop, that means it has the stability of open-loop and the precision of closed-loop. Due to the resonance frequency, creep and motion loss of the ab servo drive, the system will not oscillate. The feedback compensation open-loop control does not require clearance compensation and pitch compensation.

2. Closed-loop control of ab servo driver

The closed-loop control method is not only in the pre-stage control channel, but also in the feedback channel for detecting the output. After the instruction signal is compared with the feedback signal, the deviation signal is obtained to form the closed-loop control system controlled by the deviation.

3. Semi-closed-loop control of ab servo driver

For closed-loop control systems, reasonable design can achieve reliable stability and high precision. But the direct measurement of workbench position signals requires to use grating, magnetic ruler, or linear induction synchronizer devices where installation and maintenance requirements are high. By measuring the angular displacement of drive shaft or lead screw, the equivalent feedback signal of position output can be obtained indirectly.

Errors due to this part of the drive cannot be caused by a closed-loop system that does not include the drive chain from the rotating shaft to the table, errors caused by this part of the drive cannot be automatically compensated by closing. Therefore, it can be said to consist of equivalent feedback signals. The closed-loop control system of ab servo driver is semi-closed-loop servo driver, and this control method is called semi-closed-loop control method.

The above is what we want to share with you about the control mode of the ab servo drive. I hope you will understand the content shared this time.

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