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AB IO Adapter Module 1747-ASB

AB IO Adapter Module 1747-ASB

Technical Specifications for AB IO Adapter Module 1747-ASB




SLC 500

Part Number/Catalog No.


Module Type

I/O Adapter Module

Communication Port

Universal Remote I/O Adapter

Communication Rate

57.6, 115 or 230 kilobits/second

Backplane Current (5 Volts DC)

375 milliamps


Belden 9463

Slot Width


No. of slots

30 Slots

No. of Node

16 Standard; 32 extended


6-Pin Phoenix Connector




0.37 pounds (168 grams)

Operating Temperature

0-60 Celsius

Operating Temperature

0-60 Celsius


5.72 x 1.37 x 5.15 inches

About 1747-ASB

The Allen-Bradley 1747-ASB is a remote I/O adapter module that is part of the SLC 500 system. It establishes a communication link between SLC or PLC scanners and various 1746 I/O modules via Remote I/O. The Remote I/O link consists of one master device i.e., an SLC or PLC scanner and one or more slave devices that are adapters. The SLC or PLC image table gets I/O module image-mapping directly from its chassis. For image mapping, it supports both discrete and block transfer. The 1747-ASB has support for 1/2-slot, 1-slot, and 2-slot addressing with efficient image utilization. It is installed in the chassis with the SLC 500 processor and it scans I/O in the chassis.

The 1747-ASB module has 375 mA backplane current at 5V and 0 mA at 24V. It has a minimum and maximum thermal dissipation of 1.875 W. It can communicate I/O data over a distance of up to 3040 meters and it supports 57.6K, 115.2K, and 230.4K baud rates. It allows a user-selected image size of up to 32 logical groups and it controls up to 30 chassis slots. The 1747-ASB also provides non-volatile memory and extended node capability to up to 32 adapters. For wiring, the Belden 9463 or similar category cable must be used, and it does not require any user programming. It uses a 6-Pin Phoenix Connector for connection between the Remote I/O link and the processor. The 1747-ASB module supports all SLC 501 I/O modules like basic modules, resistance modules, high-speed counter modules, etc. For troubleshooting and operation, it has three 7-segment displays with enhanced capability for displaying operating status and errors. The 1747-ASB is intended for use in an Industrial environment and provides a NEMA standard noise immunity.

The 1747- ASB is a Remote IO adapter that belongs to the SLC 500 automation platform. This IO adapter communicates with I/O scanner modules, interface cards and gateways to establish Remote IO connectivity.

For PLC applications, the primary purpose of this module is to implement distributed IO application over a Remote I/O network. Compared to an SLC expansion bus, the expansion has limited cable length and a very limited SLC chassis expansion. With a 1747-ASB, up to 32 SLC Chassis with 1747 RIO scanner may be used with applicable distances of 762 meters or 2500 feet for 230.4 KBaud, 1524 meters or 5000 feet for 115.2 KBaud and 3048 meters or 10,000 feet for 57.6 KBaud. Up to 30 is the control capability of this adapter, this 30 slot limit can be segmented to different chassis or rack with each rack installed with a RIO scanner and a power supply.

Aside from communicating with Remote IO scanners, this module may also be used to communicate with Allen-Bradley communication cards that are directly mounted to a personal computer. This enables remote programming and configuration capability and remote control via a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA). Alternatively, Allen-Bradley Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) such as PanelView products are capable of being added with a Remote I/O adapter that allows the HMI to control the process similar to a SCADA system.

This Remote I/O adapter also supports communication with Allen-Bradley encompass partner products and 3rd party gateways and converters for implementing 3rd party communication with other automation products.

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