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GE Output Module IC693MDL730

GE Output Module IC693MDL730

Product Description

The GE Fanuc IC693MDL730 is a 12/24 Volt DC Positive Logic 2 Amp Output module. This device is designed to work with the Series 90-30 Programmable Logic Controller. It provides 8 output points in a single group, which share a common power input terminal. The module has positive logic characteristics. This is evident in the fact that it provides current to the loads, sourcing it from the positive power bus or else the user common. Users who want to operate this module can do so with a range of output devices, including indicators, solenoids and motor starters. The output device must be connected between the module output and the negative power bus. The user needs to set up an external power supply to provide the power needed to operate these field devices.

On the top of the module, there is an LED block with two horizontal rows of green LEDs. One row is labelled A1 while the other is labelled B1. The first row is for points 1 through 8 and the second row is for points 9 through 16. These LEDs indicate the ON/OFF status of each point on the module. There is also a red LED, which is labelled “F”. This is located between the two rows of green LEDs. Whenever any fuse is blown, this red LED turns on. This module has two 5-amp fuses. The first fuse protects outputs A1 to A4 while the second fuse protects outputs A5 to A8. Both of these fuses are connected to the same common by electrical means.

The IC693MDL730 has an insert to go between the surfaces of the hinged door. This door should be closed during operation. The surface facing the inside of the module has info on circuit wiring. On the outer surface, circuit identification information may be recorded. This unit is a low-voltage module, as denoted by the blue color-coding on the outer left edge of the insert.  To operate it with the Series 90-30 PLC system, users can install the module in any I/O slot of either a 5 or 10-slot baseplate.

Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage:

12/24 volts DC

# of Outputs:




Output Load:

2.0 Amps

Output Voltage Range:

12 to 24 volts DC

DC Power:


Technical Information

Rated Voltage

12/24 volts DC

Output Voltage Range

12 to 24 volts DC (+20%, –15%)

Outputs per Module

8 (one group of eight outputs)


1500 volts between field side and logic side

Output Current t

2 amps maximum per point

2 amps maximum per fuse at 60 °C  (140°F)

4 amps maximum per fuse at 50 °C  (122°F)

Output Characteristics

Inrush Current

9.4 amps for 10 ms

Output Voltage Drop

1.2 volts maximum

Off-state Leakage

1 mA maximum

On Response Time

2 ms maximum

Off Response Time

2 ms maximum

Power Consumption

55 mA (all outputs on) from 5 volt bus on backplane

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