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Industrial Automation Products For Panasonic

Industrial Automation Products For Panasonic

Panasonic is a multinational company in Japan, with more than 230 companies worldwide and over 290,493 employees. 

And its slogan is "Panasonic ideas for life" and Panasonic continue to make contributions to improving the people's cultural life. Panasonic group is a global electronics manufacturer engaged in the production and sales of various industrial automation control products

Panasonic spans regions and societies and currently cooperates with more than 40 countries. Together with siemens industrial automation and GE industrial automation companies, panasonic is listed as one of the most famous eletrical devices corporations.

The products of panasonic industrial automation are very popular and fabulous, for example PLC programmable controller and temperature controller. But the scope of its enterprise activities is not limited to production, but also carries out a variety of businesses including services and information systems solutions. Panasonic carry out manufacturing products that can meet market demands and implement customer-oriented business activities in the world. As a truly international enterprise, Panasonic has been carrying out global activities based on customers and making contributions to the society.

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