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Industrial Automation Products For AB

Industrial Automation Products For AB

The full name of AB is Allen-Bradley.  Allen-bradley was founded in 1903 by Dr.Stanton Allen and Lynde Bradley and early products are mainly automatic starters, switching equipment, current circuit breakers, relays.

The name of AB is quite similar as ABB industrial automation, but it is actually different from this company. In 1985, Allen-Bradley was sold to Rockwell Internation for $1.65 billion in order to obtain diversified investments.

Allen-bradley became an important brand for Rockwell Automation to sale components for industrial automation.

In the 1970s, Allen-Bradley, through the acquisition of Information Instrument, produces solid-state control devices.

Today, Allen-Bradley is the global strategic brand of Rockwell Automation, having the same reputation as the emerson industrial automation and yokogawa industrial automation companies.

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