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AC Servo Motor

AC Servo Motor

Since the 1980s, With the development of integrated circuits, power electronics, AC variable speed drive technology, the permanent magnet AC servo drive technology has made outstanding progress.

Famous ac motor servo electrical manufacturers from various countries have manufactured their own series AC servo motor and servo drive and constantly improve and update their products, such as the panasonic industrial automation products produced by the famous ac servo motor manufacturer.

Ac servo system has become the main development direction of high-performance servo system, which makes DC servo face the crisis of being eliminated.

Since the 1990s, the ac servo system which has been commercialized that is sinusoidal servo motor which is controlled by digital.

The development of AC servo drive device in the field of transmission is changed every day. Besides that, we also have high performance servo drive, servo amplifier and other products.

As a responsible industrial automation products supplier, we promise to produce the products with good quality. 

If you want to know the detailed information of the ac servo motor specification or the ac servo motor price list, you can click the corresponding pictures below.

Types of AC Servo Motor

Advantages of AC Servo Motor

AC servo motor is used in various applications due to tons of its advantages. Here is a list of the strengths of the AC servo motor.

  • Excellent output power relative to their size

  • More constant torque at higher speed

  • High ratio of torque to inertia

  • Torque control and high accuracy

  • Smooth running process and small

AC Servo Motor Construction and Working

There are various uses of AC servo motors in different fields. You can learn more about its applications before making a final decision on the AC servo motor selection.

In order to achieve high accuracy, machine tools are equipped with an AC servo motor.

Antenna positioning systems require high torque of AC servo motor.

Renewable energy applications will work well if an AC servo motor is available.

The printing press with features of accuracy, speed and reliability is in need of an AC servo motor.

How does an AC Servo Motor Work?

AC servo motor is a piece of electromechanical equipment that produces torque and velocity according to the supplied current and voltage. AC servo motor performs as part of a closed-loop system providing torque and velocity as commanded from a servo controller applying a feedback device to close the loop. The feedback device supplies information such as current, velocity, or position to the servo controller, which adjusts the motor action depending on the commanded parameters.

FAQs about AC Servo Motor

1. How to check ac servo motor?

You can use a multi-meter and check the resistance between the motor body and the motor terminals. Then you should find the winding resistance by connecting between the terminals. The final step is to check the motor at the winding terminals.

2. Do you have an AC servo motor price list?

Yes, you can take our price list into consideration in terms of selecting a pleasing and functional AC servo motor. As a leading AC servo motor manufacturer, we stick to provide different brands of AC servo motor such as Panasonic AC servo motor, Fanuc AC servo motor, Mitsubishi AC servo motor, Yaskawa AC servo motor and so on.

3. Difference between AC servo motor and induction motor?

AC servo motors are used to control speed systems, while induction motor works on synchronous speed. The former is a closed-loop system and the latter induction motor is an open-loop system.

4. What is AC servo motor definition?

AC servo motors refer to AC synchronous brushless motors with built-in positional feedback. AC servo motors are used in closed-loop motion control systems where angular position, speed, and torque can be very accurately controlled.

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