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Temperature Controller

Temperature Controller

According to the temperature variation of the working environment, physical deformation occurs in the temperature controller, which produces some special effects, and produces a series of automatic control elements for conducting or disconnecting action.

The temperature is transmitted through the temperature protector to the temperature controller that gives out the switch command to control the operation of the equipment to achieve the perfect temperature and energy-saving effect. The application range of the temperature control device is very wide. It is adopted in home appliances, motors, like ac servo motor, and refrigeration or heating products and so on according to the different types of temperature controller. The working principle is to automatically sample and monitor the ambient temperature through the temperature sensor. When the ambient temperature is higher than the control set value to control circuit is started and can set the control deviation.

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Types of Temperature Controller

Brief Introduction of a Temperature Controller

A temperature controller is an automatic temperature control device that is used to control a heater or other equipment by comparing a sensor signal with a set point and performing calculations based on the deviation. Temperature controllers are also applied in ovens. When a temperature is designed for an oven, a controller detects the actual temperature inside the oven. If it falls below a certain temperature, it sends a signal to motivate the heater to raise the temperature back to the set state.

How does a Temperature Controller Work?

According to the temperature change of the working environment, the physical deformation of the temperature controller inside the switch produces some special effects. Then the industrial temperature control system automatically generates on or off action control. The electronic components of the industrial temperature controller provide temperature data to the circuit under different temperatures and working conditions, so that the temperature data can be collected by the power supply.  

Different Manufacturers of Temperature Controller for Sale by Brands

As a professional temperature controller manufacturer, we committed ourselves to types of temperature controllers of different brands. With a reasonable temperature controller price, these products can help you better working efficiency.

ABB temperature controller

Mitsubishi temperature controller

Panasonic temperature controller

Schneider temperature controller

Siemens temperature controller

Yokogawa temperature controller

Emerson temperature controller

Honeywell temperature controller

FAQs about Temperature Controller for Sale

How many types of temperature controllers are there?

Different types of temperature controllers can be divided according to their work principle. There are generally four kinds of temperature controllers, namely jump temperature controller, liquid expansion temperature controller, pressure-temperature controller and electronic temperature controller.

How do I program a temperature controller?

You can set the heat for your temperature controller by using the switch or button to cycle. You can also use the same set of arrows to set the heating temperature.

Is it better to choose a temperature controller base on its size?

Yes, you can take the size into consideration in terms of selecting the desired temperature controller. The most popular size controller over the past decade has been the 1/16 DIN.

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