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Causes of Overcurrent on the Servo Drive Display

Causes of Overcurrent on the Servo Drive Display

Ⅰ. Overcurrent during the work of AB servo drive

That is, the motor drive system has overcurrent during the working process, and the reasons are roughly as follows:

1. The motor transmission mechanism appears "stuck" or encounters an impact load, and the working current of the motor suddenly increases and overcurrent occurs.

2. The output end of the AB servo drive is short-circuited, such as mutual short-circuit of the output end connecting lines, or internal short-circuit of the motor, grounding (short circuit caused by motor winding burning, winding insulation deterioration, and cable damage), etc., the output current of the AB servo drive is greatly increased. overcurrent.

3. The AB servo drive itself works abnormally. For example, the two inverter devices of the same bridge arm in the inverter bridge are abnormal in the alternate work.

For example, due to the high ambient temperature or the aging of the inverter components, the parameters of the inverter change, resulting in one device being turned off in the alternate process, while the other device has been turned on, causing the same The upper and lower devices of the bridge arm. At the same time, it is turned on, so that the two poles of the DC voltage are in a short-circuit state, which greatly increases the internal current of the AB servo drive and causes overcurrent.

Ⅱ. Overcurrent when the AB servo drive accelerates or decelerates

If the inertia of the load is relatively large, and the set acceleration time or deceleration time of the AB servo drive is too short, it will cause overcurrent.

During the acceleration process, if the working frequency of the CNC servo drive rises too fast, the synchronous speed of the motor also rises rapidly, and the rotation speed of the motor rotor cannot keep up due to the relatively large load inertia, resulting in the acceleration current being too large, causing AB servo drive overcurrent protection; during the deceleration process, if the set deceleration time of the AB servo drive is too short, the synchronous speed of the motor will drop rapidly, and the motor rotor will maintain a high speed due to the large inertia of the load. The speed at which the rotor winding cuts the magnetic lines of force is too high to generate overcurrent, causing overcurrent protection of the AB servo drive.

Ⅲ. When the AB servo drive is powered on or starts to run, overcurrent occurs

This kind of overcurrent protection is generally caused by the internal fault of the AB servo drive. If the load is normal, the AB servo drive will still have overcurrent protection, most of which are caused by the overcurrent detection circuit, such as current detection circuit, sampling resistor or sensor.

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