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AB Inverter 25B-D024N114

AB Inverter 25B-D024N114

Technical Specifications for AB Inverter 25B-D024N114


Rockwell Automation



Part Number/Catalog No.



PowerFlex 525 Drive


Three Phase, 480 VAC

Output Current

24 Amperes

Enclosure Type

IP20 NEMA / Open Type

Interface Module


Frame Size

Frame D

EMC Filtering Options


About 25B-D024N114

The 25B-D024N114 is an Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 drive that comes as a 3-phase drive.  The 25B-D024N114 features a voltage of 480 Volts AC with 24 Amps of output current and it features the IP20 NEMA open type enclosure. The 25B-D024N114 comes with a standard interface module and features the frame size of D with an EMC filtering option available. The 25B-D024N114 is an easy-to-install drive that features a modular design with an embedded EtherNet/IP port and it comes with an option for the dual-port EtherNet/IP adapter that has support for the DLR functionality. The 25B-D024N114 also features the LCD human-machine interface with multiple language support. The LCD screen supports programming through a MainFree USB and the 25B-D024N114 can be configured by using connected components. The 25B-D024N114 features support for the add-on profiles for the Studio5000™ Logix Designer program allowing automatic configuration of the device through the installed program.

The 25B-D024N114 also features a simple positioning control with an option for encoder cards and a conformal coating that meets the IEC 60721 3C2 standards. The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 devices feature the low-voltage drives that are specially designed for use in compact industrial settings. The 25B-D024N114 and each of the drives under this series feature 2 modules that are used together or separately for the concurrent software setup and wiring. The 25B-D024N114 also features a wide variety of power ratings with output currents that accommodate several different industrial purposes. The output current for the PowerFlex drives ranges from 2.5 Amps to 62.1 Amps with power ratings varying from 4 to 22 kilowatts. To allow for standardized communication, each of the drives under the PowerFlex 525 series uses an embedded EtherNet/IP port and it features the dual port option.

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