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Industrial Automation Products For Mitsubishi

Industrial Automation Products For Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric Corp., founded in 1921, is one of the Mitsubishi consortium, one of the world's top 500 companies.

The mitsubishi industrial automation products are used widely, including for individual consumer display products such as mobile phones, kitchen electrical, car electrical, household electrical, air conditioning electrical and so on. And mitsubishi produce many types of products like CNC servo drive and servo control amplifier.

Electronics, electricity, society, transportation, space, information, electrical, machinery, semiconductors and screenage and so on for commercial consumers.

Mitsubishi electric maintain the leading position in the industry, heavy electrical equipment, satellite, defense system, elevator and escalator, automobile electronics, air conditioning, ventilation and other fields at the same time expand further its share of the world market in mobile communication equipment, display equipment, display device technology and cutting-edge semiconductors. At the same time, mitsubishi also make a cooperation with Siemens industrial automation company to achieve mutual benefits.

Mitsubishi is also committed to expanding into new areas, especially in areas such as environmental protection and water purification and achieve success.

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