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Common Alarm Codes and Solutions for Mitsubishi Servo Drives AL.E6

Common Alarm Codes and Solutions for Mitsubishi Servo Drives AL.E6

Mitsubishi servo drives may stop working due to improper operation or equipment failure. At this time, the cause of the fault should be confirmed according to the Mitsubishi servo drive code alarm. Common alarm codes and solutions for Mitsubishi servo drives?

1. Mitsubishi servo systems mainly use three series:


2. The fault can usually be initially determined from the codes displayed on the server drive. Here are some common faults and how to troubleshoot them:

1.AL.E6-Indicates that the server has stopped urgently. There are two reasons: one is that the control circuit is 24V, the other is that the power supply is not connected, and the other is that the power supply is not connected and the CN1 port EMG and SG are not connected.

2.AL.37-Parameter abnormality. Internal parameter confusion, the operator setting parameters incorrectly, or the towing involves external interference. General parameters can be restored to their default values.

3.AL.20-Encoder failure. The motor encoder is faulty or the cable is disconnected and the connector is loose, etc. Replace the encoder cable or servo motor encoder. When this fault occurs on MR-J series 3, another possibility is that the driver CPU ground wire is burned out. AL.52 - The error is too large. Motor encoder failure or driver output module circuit component damage usually leads to more oil contamination and more failures.

4.AL.30-Regenerative brake abnormality. If the alarm sounds immediately after power is applied, the brake circuit components inside the driver will be damaged. If this happens during operation, check the brake circuit wiring and equip it with a brake resistor if necessary. AL.E9-The main circuit is disconnected. Check whether the main circuit power is on. If the main module is normal, replace the drive or accessory.

5.AL.50.AL.51-overload. Check the output. Check whether the U, V, and W three-phase phase sequence wiring is correct, and whether the three-phase coil of the servo motor is burnt or grounded. Monitor whether the load rate of the servo motor exceeds 100% for a long time, and whether the servo response parameters are set too high, causing resonance.

3. Servo motor failure Motor failure methods:

Common alarm codes and solutions for Mitsubishi servo drives After removing all motor wiring, rotate the motor bearings. If you can feel obvious resistance and the rotation is not smooth, the body coil will be burned out. In addition, it is not easy to damage the encoder when assembling the coupling, and the motor encoder may shake. If the sound of encoder fragments can be heard, the encoder is damaged.

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