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GE Input Module IC670MDL240

GE Input Module IC670MDL240

Product Description

120VAC Input, 16 Point, Grouped GE Fanuc Field Control MDL240 GE IC670M IC670MD IC670MDL

Technical Information

The GE Fanuc IC670MDL240 module is a 120 Volts AC grouped input module. It belongs to the GE Field Control series manufactured by GE Fanuc and GE Intelligent Platforms. This module has 16 discrete input points in a single group, and it operates on 120 Volts AC rated voltage. Additionally, it features an input voltage ranging from 0 to 132 Volts AC with a frequency rating of 47 to 63 Hertz. The IC670MDL240 grouped input module has an input current of 15 milliamps per point when operating at 120 Volts AC voltage. This module has 1 LED indicator per input point to show the individual statuses for the points, as well as a “PWR” LED indicator to show the presence of the backplane power. It also features user input to frame ground isolation, group to group isolation, and user input to logic isolation rated at 250 Volts AC continuous and 1500 Volts AC for 1 minute. However, this module has no point to point isolation within a group.

The GE Fanuc IC670MDL240 grouped input module has a maximum current rating of 77 milliamps that is drawn from the power supply of the Bus Interface Unit or BIU. The IC670MDL240 module also comes with several input characteristics, including an on-state current of 5 to 15 milliamps, an off-state current of 0 to 2.5 milliamps, and a typical input impedance rating of 8.6 kiloohms. Other notable specifications include an on-state voltage of 70 to 120 Volts AC and an off-state voltage of 0 to 20 Volts AC. It also has an on response time of 12 milliseconds typical and 20 milliseconds maximum as well as an off response time of 25 milliseconds typical and 40 milliseconds maximum.

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