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Servo Drive

Servo Drive

At present, the mainstream servo driver and servo drive supplier adopt a digital signal processor (DSP) as the control core, which can realize a more complex control algorithm and realize digitalization, networking and intelligence.

As one of the best Chinese servo drive manufacturers to provide components of industrial automation, our servo motor driver price is very affordable. 

We have various types of servo motor drivers, such as mitsubishi industrial automation and Siemens industrial automation servo drive. And we promise that we only sell the cheap servo drive products with amazingly good quality.

Types of Servo Drive

Essential Requirements of High-Performance CNC Servo Drive

Since a servo drive plays an inevitable role in the performance of servo systems, then what are the essential elements of a high-quality servo drive. Here is a relatively good reference for you to consider how to make a servo drive with high performance.

  • Wide speed range.

  • High positioning accuracy like servomotor encoder.

  • Sufficient transmission rigidity and high-speed stability.

  • Fast response, no overshoot.

What is A Servo Drive?

A servo drive refers to a part of a motion control system in terms of CNC machines operation. In a servo system, a servo drive contributes to power the motor. The servo drive is a key part of the high performance of servo systems. It takes the signal for position, velocity or current and adjusts the voltage and current applied to the servo motor based on closed-loop feedback. It is widely used in various applications such as robotics, warehouse automation and so on.

Different Manufacturers of Servo Drive by Brands

As one of the servo drive manufacturers, we stick to CNC servo drive for different types of brands of high quality. With a reasonable servo motor driver price, these products cater to your own requirements.

-Fanuc servo drive

-Mitsubishi servo drive

-Panasonic servo drive

-Schneider servo drive

-Siemens servo drive

-Yaskawa servo drive

-Emerson servo drive

-Sinamics servo drive

How does a Servo Drive Work?

When it comes to the working principle of a servo drive, you can follow the steps and learn more about a servo drive. First, a servo drive gets the signal from a control system. Then, the signal will be amplified by the servo drive. Next, the drive transmits electric current to a servo motor for the purpose of creating motion proportional to the command signal. Generally speaking, the command signal can be acted as the desired velocity as well as a desired torque or position.

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