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Repair methods caused by Mitsubishi servo drive alarm code display E3/E4/E7/E8/E9 fault

Repair methods caused by Mitsubishi servo drive alarm code display E3/E4/E7/E8/E9 fault

Repair methods caused by Mitsubishi servo drive alarm code display E3/E4/E7/E8/E9 fault

Mitsubishi servo display alarm E3/E4/E7/E8/E9 fault flashing repair method:

97 MPO MP type optical ruler auxiliary correction abnormality In the MP type optical ruler absolute position system, the auxiliary correction data read when the NC is turned on is abnormally detected.

A 9E WAR High-speed decoder multi-turn counter abnormality OSE104|102, OSA104|105 series decoders have abnormal multi-turn counters, so it is impossible to guarantee whether their absolute position is normal.

A 9F WAB The battery voltage is too low The battery voltage of the absolute value detector is too low

A E0 WOR Over-regeneration warning is detected when it reaches 80% of the level required for over-regeneration alarm.

A E1 WOL overload warning is detected when it reaches 80% of the level required for overload alarm. If operation continues, an overload 1 alarm will occur.

A E3 WAC Absolute position counter warning The absolute position counter is incorrect. Please make initial settings again and return to the origin once. A E4 WPE Parameter setting abnormality The parameter setting value exceeds the range. Incorrect parameters existed before setting and remain. 

A E6 WAOF The servo axis is being taken out. During normal operation, it is taken out from the NC command axis. 

A E7 NCE NC emergency stop NC side emergency stop. 

A E8 WPOL over-regeneration warning When the regeneration energy exceeds the regeneration energy limit of the regeneration unit due to frequent processing. 

C E9 WPPF instantaneous power outage warning An instantaneous power outage when the input voltage of the power supply unit exceeds 25MSEC.

Common alarms of Mitsubishi servo drives are as follows:

1. AL.E6 - Indicates servo emergency stop. There are generally two reasons for this fault. One is that the 24V power supply of the control circuit is not connected, and the other is that the EMG and SG of the CN1 port are not connected.

2. AL.37-Parameter abnormality. The internal parameters are chaotic, the operator mistakenly sets the parameters, or the drive is subject to external interference. Generally, the problem can be solved by restoring the parameters to factory values. 3. AL.16-Encoder failure. The internal parameters are disordered or the encoder line is faulty or the motor encoder is faulty. Restore the parameters to factory values, replace the cables, or replace the motor encoder. If the fault persists, the driver backplane is damaged.

4. AL.20-Encoder failure. Caused by motor encoder failure, cable disconnection, loose connector, etc. Replace the encoder cable or servo motor encoder. When this fault occurs in the MR-J3 series, another possibility is that the ground wire of the driver CPU is burned out.

5. AL.30-Regenerative braking abnormality. If an alarm occurs just after power is turned on, the brake circuit components of the driver are damaged. If it occurs during operation, check the wiring of the braking circuit and install an external braking resistor if necessary.

6. AL.50, AL.51-overload. Check whether the three-phase phase sequence wiring of output U, V, and W is correct. The three-phase coil of the servo motor is burned out or has a ground fault. Monitor whether the servo motor load rate exceeds 100% for a long time, the servo response parameter is set too high, resonance occurs, etc.

7. AL.E9-The main circuit is disconnected. Check whether the main circuit power supply is connected. If it is normal, the main module detects a circuit failure and the driver or accessories must be replaced.

8. AL.52-The error is too large. The motor encoder is faulty or the driver output module circuit components are damaged. This fault is usually more common in applications with a lot of oil pollution.

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